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Announcing Scoold Cloud

We’re happy to announce the availability of Scoold Cloud - the official hosting for Scoold Pro. We’ve been working on it for the past few months and we can’t wait for you to try it out. Now you can easily deploy a Scoold Pro server in the cloud. Scaling and upgrades are handled by us, leaving you to focus on your community. When used in combination with our serverless backend, Para, Scoold Cloud offers a simple and efficient solution for knowledge sharing within your organization, with zero maintainance.

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Status update - Python client, Scoold API, integrations and more

Over the past year or so we’ve added a number of new features and integrations to Scoold and Para. In particular, Scoold has received hundreds of bug fixes and dozens of pull requests on GitHub. The community has been quite active with feature requests and suggestions. We’re also happy to report that profits from Scoold Pro are increasing and we’re proud to have several large clients, like Cisco, IBM and DBS Bank, who have successfully deployed it in production.

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