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Status update - Para goes global, pricing changes

Our backend-as-a-service (BaaS) Para continued to grow over the past few months and now it’s hosting over 450 active apps. We have about 10 paid customers from different parts of the globe - USA, Japan, Europe. Previously, the hosted Para service was available from a single AWS region - Ireland, EU. This meant that clients connecting from another continent would experience high latency for all requests to the backend, which would make Para applications feel slow. It was time to address this problem.

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Modern backend (BaaS) frameworks - an overview of Usergrid, LoopBack, Para, BaasBox, Deployd and Telepat

Let’s compare some modern open source backend frameworks that are available today. These frameworks handle the server-side operations of your website or app. Developers use them to build and iterate on products faster than ever before by focusing on the “fun” part - the frontend (client-side). This blog post will be a comparison between open source frameworks only and does not aim to cover all backend services on the market.

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