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Building a full stack application from scratch with React

Note: This article is a clone of another one written for Angular.

In this tutorial we’re going to build a simple single-page application with React (v16 and above). This is intended for developers unfamiliar with the new framework or having some experience with React. First of all, I got Visual Studio Code installed on my machine and it’s running on Linux. I chose VS Code because we’ll be working with JavaScript and JSX and it has great support for those, but you can code in your favourite IDE as well. The code project for this article was generated with create-react-app, a scaffolding tool for React. You’ll also need to have Git, Node.js and npm installed.

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Webhooks implemented in Para and Scoold

With the release of Para 1.32.0 we’ve introduced support for webhooks for all apps. This feature is available now on ParaIO.com as well. This is very good news for everyone who wants to integrate Para with external services. It makes Para even more flexible and enables you to have near real-time notifications for events like create, update and delete for any object type you choose.

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Status update - containers, Java 11 and more

Over the past couple of months we’ve been busy maintaining Para and Scoold and a few patches have been released. The changes are minor and are mostly related to dependency upgrades. A few minor bugs have been fixed as well. Scoold has received some much welcome pull requests with translations from our awesome contributors. It is now available in 12 different languages!

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