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Para v1.18 released, new site and jPrime

This past month was interesting and quite busy for us - we got valuable feedback and contributions from our clients, fixed many bugs, released the Android client for Para and a new plugin for MongoDB. The number one request for this version was support for plugins and MongoDB. We’ve also updated the documentation of our open source backend framework and redesigned the landing page on paraio.org. The docs should now look even better on mobile devices with high-DPI displays.

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Modern backend (BaaS) frameworks - an overview of Usergrid, LoopBack, Para, BaasBox, Deployd and Telepat

Let’s compare some modern open source backend frameworks that are available today. These frameworks handle the server-side operations of your website or app. Developers use them to build and iterate on products faster than ever before by focusing on the “fun” part - the frontend (client-side). This blog post will be a comparison between open source frameworks only and does not aim to cover all backend services on the market.

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Hello World!

Hey there! We are Erudika and this is our blog. Here, we’ll share information about our current projects and developments. You can follow us on Twitter as well - @erudika, or fork us on GitHub.

We’re busy developing and running our own backend SaaS called Para (https://paraio.com). If you are a developer looking for a simple and scalable backend service, make sure you follow us and try our developer plan - it’s free!

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